Serra D' Arga Mountain

Located in the district of Viana do Castelo, near the sea, between Coura and Lima rivers, Serra D’Arga is a granite mountain with a maximum height of 825 m (Alto do Espinheiro, Montaria).

Around Serra D’Arga there are seven mountain villages (Montaria, Dem, Arga de S. João, Arga de Baixo, Arga de Cima, Covas and Cerquido). These villages preserve some of the rural heritage and the local customs and are all situated within municipalities of Viana do Castelo, Ponte de Lima, Vila Nova de Cerveira and Caminha.

"Discover a hidden paradise..."

Serra D’Arga covers an area of 4493 ha and is considered one of the main wilderness areas in Portugal mainland, keeping natural habitats of wild fauna and flora and for this reason, classified as Nature Reserve - Nature 2000.

"Iberian wolves and garrano wild horses still living in this Mountain"

Walking through Serra D’Arga you can enjoy a stunning view of the mountains that reach the sea but you can also see garranos - a species of wild horses that live only in Serra D’Arga and in the Peneda – Gerês National Park. A Serra D’Arga is as well a territory of Iberian Wolf and while walking through the mountain area you can sometimes see their tracks.

Serra D´Arga is famous for its watermills, waterfalls and natural lagoons.

"Fabulous 6-day cycling tour on the stunning Portuguese Coastal Way, an alternate pilgrims’ route to Santiago de Compostelo, and arriving in the walled medieval town of Baiona, Spain, was unforgettable. Each day had special moments – such as a private tour and tasting at a small vinho verde winery – and the daily picnic lunches were spectacular."
Ann - Canada